My current objective is to create art that is positive and magical, and specifically imagery of people of color. If you would like to be a part of helping me spread that mission, these are ways that you can provide support:



Art stuff is expensive and so are expenses related to creation of it (travel, supplies, materials, etc). If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do so here via:

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If you have access to equipment that you would be willing to let me borrow for large projects that would be incredibly useful. Painting murals sometimes requires equipment that is costly to rent--lifts, spray guns, ladders, scaffolding. If you own this equipment or are able to give permission for me to borrow those things for specific projects, please let me know!

Perhaps you have access to materials! Donations of that sort are incredible. Paint, canvases, substrates, brushes, clay, etc. Let me know what you've got, and I can let you know if it is useful for something I'm currently doing. 

My name is: *
My name is:


I want a mural on every continent (except for Antarctica!) within the next two years. I am seeking leads for the biggest, most visible walls you can find, or have access to. If you are or know a building owner with a public exterior wall that I would be given permission to paint, please let me know! Optimally there is a budget and there are funds for both travel and supplies, but in some instances the more important part is access to those walls. Let me know what you've got in the form below!

I have already talked to the building owner about Dare painting a mural on this wall
Please include as much information as you have: - Address/location of the wall -Dimensions -Contact info for the building owner -Is there a budget? How much?