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Sculptor | Muralist | Illustrator


Earlier this year I was contacted by The National Trust for Historic Preservation for an exciting project. The mission: to raise funds to successfully restore Nina Simone’s childhood home—the place she learned to play piano and grew to love jazz. My role? To create the art that would be the face of the fundraising campaign. The commissioned piece is a 36 x 36 acrylic painting on panel. The image was used as a background the National Trust For Historic Preservation’s booth at Essence Festival, and the same image is being featured on merchandise for the campaign! Supporting the effort are John Legend, Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Talib Kweli, Mahershala Ali and Issa Rae.

It is a phenomenal honor for my work to be used in such a way, and for such a noble effort. This campaign opened my eyes to a new understanding of how I can help impact the world with my art. Cheers to the High Priestess of Soul, and a big joyous thank you to the National Trust for Historic Preservation for inviting me to be a part of such an incredible task. Read the article on Billboard magazine website by clicking here, or visit the Indiegogo campaign to support the effort by purchasing prints and other items featuring the painting.



I have completed my largest mural to date! It is with so much joy and pride that I present to you all Fayetteville’s largest mural! The mural was commissioned by the Capitol Encore Academy, a K-8 public charter school. It is 143 feet long and 23 feet tall—if it were standing upright it would be as tall as a 14 story building!

Visit it!

Mapping to 110 Old Street, Fayetteville, NC, USA will take you directly there! The piece is on the front side of the school, (which is the back of the building).

See it!

Check out this video walk-through of the mural at night.


I'm Dare Coulter, and I'm an artist.

For the last few years I have been working very hard to build the type of life that centers around my passion, and that passion is art. When I imagine what I'm doing in my future, I see myself creating murals and monumental sculptures all over the world. My objective is to create works that cut directly to the core of the human experience; which means art that facilitates conversations about healing, feeling, celebration, or all three depending on the piece! Thank you for caring about that mission and the work that I'm creating within it. My main categories of work are:

self portratit sculpture.jpg


The Plato to my Aristotle is my mentor and dear friend Holly Fischer. She absolutely changed the course of my life when I began sculpting in her course during my junior year of college. The way that I felt when I created my first piece in clay told me that I had to sculpt for the rest of my life. In my opinion my sculptures are the most important thing that I create. While I'm only a few years into my lifelong sculpting journey, click the button below to see what I've been sculpting since the days in Holly's classroom.



When I was younger I was really into making big works of art--as an adult, that hasn't changed one bit! Since I realized that I could create work quickly, big pieces that a lot of people can see seemed like a natural next step. I got my first permanent outdoor mural in June of 2017, and I have so much more planned for this year. If you have a wall for me, please reach out in the "walls" section of the How You Can Help page! But, check out more of my murals by clicking the button below.


Paintings and Drawings

I'm an artist, through and through. Paintings and drawings were where things started for me--and truth be told, murals are just huge paintings! I create lots of smaller works, especially since starting with illustrating children's books. At this point I haven't ventured into oils, and my paintings are generally spraypaint and acrylic paint. My favorite drawing medium is a blue ballpoint bic pen; charcoal is a close second. 

Upcoming Events

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