Hate will not win.


Update 1: I will be painting over the tagged areas on Wednesday, July 18th at 3:30 pm. The community involvement painting day will take place very soon. The plan is to reconfigure the mural and make it a collaborative piece--which means I'm inviting everyone to come out and actually help paint the mural! This is where I need people to come out and help. Please sign up for updates on the form at the bottom of this page to be notified when that date and time are set!  

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In response to the defacing of the #DareToDissent mural

The morning of July 11, 2018 I was notified that my mural had been defaced overnight. The series of events that day were both weird and uncomfortable; I didn't know how to react. Today I know exactly what to do: and that is to keep making art! 

For the people who want to help paint:

My coordinators and I are discussing how to involve everyone in the re-painting of the mural. The current plan is for me to actually paint the spots that have to be repaired, and then determine what the process of community involvement for this mural actually looks like. If you would like to be emailed with information once we know when we are bringing everyone in to help paint, please submit your email address by clicking this link , or by submitting the information in the form at the bottom of this page.

For the people who want to donate money:

If you want to donate money, as I explained in the video, the supplies for repairing the mural should be covered. But, I do have an upcoming mural project, and that is slated for this summer. I am buying all of the supplies out of my own pocket. If you would like to make a monetary donation to help further that cause, or if you just want to support me and my art, these are the links to do that:

Paypal  Cash App/Square   Donation via Stripe  

For the people who want me to come paint a mural:  

If you have a big wall--or know someone that does--that you'd love to see my message on, and a budget for getting me there and creating it, let me know that too via the contact tab. 

My mission has been a positive one for the whole time that I have been working on it. This moment is a reminder that this type of work matters. Your support in being able to spread more positivity means the world to me.

Thank you so much,

Dare Coulter