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I am primarily a figurative sculptor. Most of my sculptures are created in water-based clay and fired. I began sculpting in 2015 at Meredith College under the direction of my incredible mentor Holly Fischer, and haven't stopped since! 

I created my first permanent outdoor mural in 2017, and want to have a mural on every continent within the next two years. If you have walls for me to paint, let me know here! I Keep your eye out for more mural works, there are a lot of plans for this year!



Photo by Jenkins Paisley


Paintings and Drawings

I believe I am most known for my paintings and drawings. My paintings are most frequently made from acrylic paint and spraypaint, but they are sometimes digital. My drawings are most frequently pen, graphite, or charcoal.


Lots of things count as projects; some are related illustrations, some are series of works, some are collaborations, and others are just cool things that I got to do or be a part of.